Case Study

Euro Garages, Leeds

Euro Garages is one of the world’s leading independent convenience retailers, with sites spread across three continents.

Jennings Design worked closely with Euro Garages to develop a modern petrol filling station and retail outlet in Leeds.

Phase 1: McFaddens
Phase 2 & 3: Barnfield Construction
Phase 4: TBC

8 Acres

2016 - 2022

Leeds, UK

Euro Garages


“We have been extremely satisfied working with the team at Jennings Design, who worked professionally to understand everything we wanted to achieve from our schemes and then completed each phase of the design to the highest quality“

Euro Garages

Modern PFS and retail development delivered in four phases

In 2016, Euro Garages approached us to design a modern roadside and retail space, including the petrol filling station and accompanying retail outlets. This project involved four development phases, spanning several years, and requiring collaboration with multiple contractors.

Master planning commenced, with phase one focusing on the main infrastructure. The lead building contractor was McFadden Group, and we worked closely with them to ensure the success of the development. The petrol filling station and Starbucks outlet opened in 2019, with the Leon drive-through opening shortly after.

For phase three, we partnered with Barnfield Construction to design and build the commercial warehouses and storage units. The final phase centred on the design and installation of EV charging points. Euro Garages have been delighted with our design services, and everything has been delivered to our usual exceptional standards.

Phase 1 – Design: Infrastructure, PFS and Starbucks drive-through

Phase 2 – Design: Additional Leon drive-through

Phase 3 – Design and build: Commercial warehouses and storage units

Phase 4 – Design: Electric vehicle charging points

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